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Johnny M. Pruitte
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John L. Cox, Jr.
Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson
Phone:   972-647-1282
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                       UNIT 1 (GM) SHOP CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT                       
7:30 AM


“In order to accommodate the scheduling of overtime in a manner compatible with changing production requirements, while preserving the right of employees to decline overtime, Local Plant Management will make an election once each model year to schedule overtime operations in accordance with Plan A or Plan B below.







“1. Daily Overtime





“Hours in excess of nine (9) hours worked per shift shall be voluntary, except as otherwise provided in this Memorandum of Understanding, for an employee who shall have notified Management in accordance with Paragraph 8.















“2. Saturday Overtime





“Employees may be required to work Saturdays; however, except as otherwise provided in this Memorandum of Understanding, an employee who has worked two or more consecutive Saturdays may decline to work the following (third) Saturday…”









Those Unit 1 (GM) Brothers and Sisters who would like to read more about the Overtime Plan are asked to please refer to page 234 of the 2011 UAW/GM National Agreement.

The necessity of an Overtime Plan was a direct result of GM Management’s initial and continued policy of forcing its Skilled Trades employees to work seven (7) days a week eleven (11) hours per day without a day off; therefore, forcing 2nd Shift employees to work eleven (11) hours every Friday and Saturday night. This, additionally, has forced Material Drivers to work eleven (11) hours and or until they finished their route. This has also forced Body Shop as well as Paint Shop employees to work eleven (11) hours; and, now any other employee at will.

On September 2, 2014, the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee did formally submit a request to local GM Management for an Overtime Plan in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding as outlined in the 2011 UAW/GM National Agreement. Local GM Management, in a subsequent Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee Meeting, presented a variety of start time scenarios which were outlined not in print but on a dry erase board. These scenarios, which were not all family friendly, were designed to circumvent our effort to secure an Overtime Plan in my opinion. The Overtime Plan will protect the rights of the GM employee to accept or decline overtime.

On October 13, 2014, the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee received an “internal only document with a response” from Personnel Director Bill Krohn during our weekly Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee Meeting. This document with a response, in my opinion, was vague at best; considering, if you will, that it did not include all start time specifics and alluded to additional open ended changes that may be required to support the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding on Overtime without referencing any additional facts to warrant a change to begin with.

Accordingly, we, as your Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee are in fact bound and entitled to a response and discussion on decisions in subsequent Shop Committee Meetings, which by design adversely affect the lives of our members. Unfortunately, the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee was never given an opportunity to internally address these issues because an individual or group of individuals took it upon themselves to distribute and release this confidential internal document and proposal on the floor in an effort to seriously undermine the Union’s position.

Given the volume of the copies freely flowing on the floor; bearing no Union signature on the document in question, it certainly appears that local GM Management condones this type of behavior that has needlessly created a hail storm of emotion on the floor. I also cite that a witness has stated that an upper level GM Manager’s spouse was actively circulating these documents on the floor. These conditions in my opinion bear resemblance to retaliatory conduct and or good old scare tactics.

Furthermore, it was not or ever will be the intent of the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee to take any action that will adversely affect our members in any way as long as I am the Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson of UAW Local 276. The sole purpose for requesting an Overtime Plan to begin with is to give our members the ability to actually plan their Saturdays and their lives. An Overtime Plan does not limit the amount of overtime that an employee can work. The only difference is that local GM Management now has the right to dictate any and all hours worked up to eleven (11) hours; and, we as members do not have the right to turn it down. Likewise, it is also my contention that under the Overtime Plan, which actually gives the employee the right to accept or decline overtime, Management would be more inclined to treat our members with more respect considering that an employee can actually turn the overtime down if the employee is not treated properly.

Under paragraph (8) of the 2011 UAW/GM National Agreement, GM Management reserves the right to schedule start times. For the record, we asked for an Overtime Plan not a shift change. It is plain to see that GM Management (not the Union) is ready to flip our schedules upside down to maintain complete and total control of our members using the Overtime Plan as a scapegoat. Additionally, for all intents and purposes, we are already operating on a Plan A schedule now, except for the aforementioned conditions previously stated within this report. In accordance with the 2011 UAW/GM National Agreement, local Plant Management will make an election once each model year to schedule overtime operations in accordance with Plan A or Plan B - period.



                 UNIT 1 (GM) NEWSLINE                 

7:00 AM

Last week an internal letter meant to be shared only between Local GM Management and the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson somehow made its way onto the shop floor; and, was also seen on several locations and sites on the internet. As a member of upper Union Management, I can say without hesitation that this is very unprofessional and violates the codes and ethics of doing business between the Union and management. Those who are responsible for the violation shall be found out and dealt with accordingly, whether Union or Management. Any person with information about the distribution of that letter should contact the President or Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson.

First of all, the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson has assured me that the letter is not validated and that he has not even formally responded to it, yet. The membership, as a whole, should never assume that what is read is “written in stone”. There are several plans that have been discussed between the Union and Management concerning a proposed Memorandum of Understanding on Overtime as found in the National Agreement (big blue book) pages 233 – 243.

The Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson has assured me that the plan was proposed to Management initially because it is part of the National Agreement; and he wanted to follow the Agreement to preserve the right of many employees to decline overtime, (specifically Friday nights), while allowing others to work as much overtime as they wish. Besides, the National Agreement does state in paragraph three (3) on page 233, that Local Plant Management will make an election once each model year to schedule overtime operations in accordance with Plan A or Plan B. There is no choice in the matter. Local Management must select a plan. It’s the contract. The overtime plan allows for a more evenly hourly balance among the employees, as described under paragraph (71) of the National Agreement.

Additionally, the letter was incomplete and did not state the lunch or break times nor did it provide provisions for the start and stop times affecting Skilled Trades. In addition, at no time did the Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson state to GM Management that a vote would be taken by the membership on such a plan. The Union does not understand where Management got that “understanding”.

Secondly, in dealing with Overtime Plans, consider that other GM facilities, with three (3) shift operations, are operating on overtime plans and they operate with a Sunday night start for the 3rd Shift and end with 2nd Shift on Friday night. The same captive results can be accomplished in this type of schedule. In talking with other locals, they have assured me that while it may not be perfect, it does preserve the right of the 2nd Shifters to go home after nine (9) hours, while others stay and work voluntarily, if needed. If more units are needed to be built, the next shift may be scheduled to come in and work. This plant could adopt similar start/stop times, if only the GM Management Team would do so. Changing the start/stop times currently proposed in the letter, will only disrupt the lives of our members and has already upset the membership about the proposed changes. While GM Management does reserve the right under paragraph (8) of the National Agreement to set times and schedules, you can rest assured that your President and Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson will continue to encourage the Arlington GM Management Team to consider another start/stop time congruent with the operations that are already working well in our sister plants. If the GM management of Arlington Assembly would like to preserve the “Family First” initiative to all the working members of UAW Local 276, it is our hope that, as President and Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson, they will do the right thing and institute schedules and times that will be more accommodating to the working membership!



                       UNIT 1 (GM) WHAT’S THE BUZZ?                       

4:00 PM


We are pleased to announce that GM Management has agreed to hire a total of three hundred (300) Unit 1 (GM) employees into fulltime, permanent status as of the writing of this letter. This is great news for our Unit 1 (GM) UAW family. The Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee will continue to push for the eventual hiring of all temporary workers into permanent status. The Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson will request that the rules of seniority be followed during the selection and hiring process in keeping with the UAW/GM National Agreement.


Forms on which to submit Resolutions for the Unit 1 (GM) 2015 UAW Local 276 Local Agreement will be forthcoming soon. Our Unit 1 (GM) 2011 Local 276/GM Local Agreement will expire at midnight September 14, 2015. For the benefit of our newer Unit 1 (GM) members, the process for contract negotiations will begin with the Resolutions we receive from our Unit 1 (GM) members. We will provide specific forms that must be completed by the Unit 1 (GM) person submitting the Resolution. At the next Unit 1 (GM) Meeting, following the deadline for submitting Resolutions, the Unit 1 (GM) members will vote on the Resolutions to be accepted and those Resolutions will be typed up as Demands to be submitted to the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee who will use those demands to negotiate a new 2015 Unit 1 (GM) Local Agreement with local Management. Upon reaching a tentative Unit 1 (GM) Local Agreement, a Ratification Meeting for Unit 1 (GM) members will be called and the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Committee will explain the tentative Unit 1 (GM) 2015 Local Agreement to our members. At that meeting, both Unit 1 (GM) Production and Unit 1 (GM) Skilled Trades will vote whether to accept the Unit 1 (GM) Local Agreement. As we approach the time to submit Unit 1 (GM) Resolutions, more education on the process will be provided to you. This education will be coming the “BUZZ”; so, please pay attention to each one as it comes out.


As stated on the monthly Union Meeting Notice, the Regular General Membership Meeting for both Unit 1 (GM) and Unit 2 (Aramark) will be held at the Union Hall this coming Sunday, August 10, 2014, at 2:00 PM. At that meeting, we will nominate and vote on forty-two (42) Election Committee members as required in the Local 276 Bylaws [both Unit 1 (GM) members and members of Unit 2 (Aramark) are eligible to run for a position on the Election Committee]; we will discuss a Family Outing cookout for Labor Day; and other items, just to list a few. There is strength in numbers; so, please plan to attend.

At the Unit 1 (GM) Meeting immediately following the Regular General Membership Meeting, there will be a report from the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson who will give us updated information on what’s going on with our jobs; he will be discussing the separate ratification for Skilled Trades; and answering questions about Unit 1 (GM) work. If you have a question that pertains to you about your job or a problem that you are having individually, please discuss this with the Unit 1 (GM) Chairperson either before or after the meeting.

Remember – the Regular General Membership Meeting is for the purpose of addressing the operation of UAW Local 276 and its Standing Committees. Items pertaining to Unit 1 (GM) members can only be addressed at the Unit 1 (GM) Meeting. Items pertaining to Unit 2 (Aramark) members can only be addressed at the Unit 2 (Aramark) Meeting. Please, keep this in mind when you would address the assembly – Questions about Local 276 activities, functions, or how Local 276 is operated are properly addressed at the Regular General Membership Meeting.


The application period for Standing Committee Chairperson and Standing Committee Co-Chairperson has ended. Interview for these positions will be conducted Saturday, August 16, 2014, at the Union Hall. Each member who submitted an application prior to the deadline will be given a time to appear for their interview and will be given a ten (10) minute personal interview. You will be contacted to give you the time for your appointment. Please, be on time.


Did you know? Disciplinary layoffs and discharges are covered under paragraphs (76), (76a), (76b), and (77) of the UAW/GM National Agreement, pages 62 – 64. As a Unit 1 (GM) employee, you are entitled to a paragraph (76a) interview prior to exiting the plant if a disciplinary layoff is being considered by Labor Relations. The paragraph (76a) interview for Unit 1 (GM) employees also establishes important facts of the case to aid your Committeeperson in securing a just settlement in later appealed cases where the accusing Supervisor does not show up to establish the just cause. Please be sure to contact your Committeeperson.


There are a lot of Unit 1 (GM) job elements being moved around in the Shop. Some Unit 1 (GM) jobs are being eliminated and other Unit 1 (GM) jobs are having items added to them. If your job is too hard for you to keep up in your footprint work envelope, and you find yourself continually getting behind, then your Unit 1 (GM) job is probably overloaded. There is a process that GM Management must follow that has been established in the plant called the Operator Change Process (OCP). GM Management must exhaust this process prior to adding items to your JES sheets. If it persists, the Unit 1 (GM) employee has the right to exercise her/his rights under the UAW/GM National Agreement as Production Standards [paragraphs (78), (78a), (78b), (78c), (78d), and (79); pages 64 - 66] which simply states your rights as a worker on what is perceived as an “overloaded” job. An overloaded job causes more mistakes, which generates more time-consuming repairs; ties up the Team Leader; drops our quality standards; and overall is just not good for the business of producing trucks off the end of the line. This in turn could be a cause of recalls of our products.


We would ask the membership to please be on the lookout for those who would blatantly take the “BUZZ” report from its respective placements at each entrance. Please report any instance of this to the President or the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson.



                       UNIT 1 (GM) WHAT’S THE BUZZ?                       

4:00 PM

Since taking office on June 8th, we have been very busy getting adjusted to our new responsibilities. We are now beginning to settle in and get an agenda going. We appreciate your patience with us as we get up to speed. A heartfelt thanks again to the entire membership.

Currently, General Motors employees are seeing a lot of job movement due to a line speed “derate.” The launch of the new product is over and GM jobs available for transfer will begin to appear. People have expressed concern about the possibility of being bumped off their jobs or onto a different shift. All GM movements in the plant are based on seniority as required by the UAW-GM National Agreement. Applications for (63a) and (63b) transfers, as well as shift preferences and moves within a team or group are based on seniority. As GM employees who know that seniority governs everything, we are aware that everyone’s needs or wants are not always satisfied. Please familiarize yourself with the provisions of seniority by reading pages 43-61 of the 2011 National Agreement between the UAW and General Motors.

This brings up another issue. As a GM employee, if your job is too fast paced, extremely hard to keep up with, or if items have been added to your job, there is a process under Production Standards, Paragraphs (78), (78a), (78b), (78c), (78d) and (79) of the UAW-GM National Agreement. If you are having problems or have questions pertaining to work-related issues that would fall under Paragraph (78), please contact your GM District Committeeperson so that he or she may discuss the issue of Operator Change Process (OCP) with GM Local Management. Changes proposed to each GM job must be evaluated for feasibility. The GM Bargaining Committee needs to know which jobs are overloaded. We are asking that all Team Members work with their Team Leaders to address any overloaded jobs in the team.


Applications for Local 276 standing committee chairpersons and co-chairpersons as outlined in the UAW Constitution, Article 44, are still being accepted at the Union Hall through 4:00 PM July 31, 2014. All active GM and Aramark members in good standing are encouraged to come out and apply for these positions. Interviews for these openings will be conducted in August, on a date or dates to be determined.


This plant is not going down to two shifts. We can barely meet the product demand while running three shifts. Local GM Management has not provided the Union with any written communication stating that the plant is going to two shifts. This written communication is required to be given to the Union by the 2011 UAW-GM National Agreement prior to any changes being made to shifts.


We want to encourage the membership, both GM and Aramark, to become involved in the voluntary CAP donation program. Your donation will go a long way towards helping those who support labor endeavors through legislation. You can determine the monthly amount to be deducted – anything from $1.00 on up. A $25.00 a month or more donation will be rewarded with a Region 5 watch after you have contributed $300.00 – which equals contributions for 12 months of $25.00 each. See a CAP committee member or contact the Union Hall to sign up – every dollar helps!


There still has been no movement on the demands presented to General Motors by the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson and the President at the GM Key 4 meeting concerning the GM overtime plan A or B, the forcing of excessive overtime – both GM production and GM skilled trades, the GM skilled trades apprenticeship program, and the hiring of all GM temporary employees to fill the RTR (Required to Run) jobs, as well as the need for additional GM skilled trades employees in the plant.


DID YOU KNOW…GM disciplinary layoffs and GM discharges are covered under Paragraph (76), (76a), (76b), and (77) of the UAW-GM National Agreement, pages 62-64? As a GM employee, you are entitled to have your GM committeeperson present for your entitled 76a interview prior to being asked to exit the plant if any type of discipline is being considered by Labor Relations. All information garnered through discussions with your GM committeeperson and information and documents obtained in the disciplinary interview will aid the Union in addressing your case with the International Union.



                       UNIT 1 (GM) WHAT’S THE BUZZ?                       

11:45 AM

Well, the elections are now over and the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson and I are so excited about getting to work and serving this great membership. The start is always rocky when there is a change in union administration but we heartily welcome the challenge! Our goals, as a team, are to keep the membership informed and to be as transparent as possible in keeping the membership informed. Thus, the President’s and Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson’s report shall be combined in order to conserve resources and materials. Please, be attentive to each and every report as it comes to the floor.





Skilled Trades – There will be a tentative specially called meeting in July for Skilled Trades only (the date will be posted)





Be sure to attend the July 13, 2014, Regular Membership Meeting at 2:00 PM and don’t forget to stay for the Unit 1 (GM) Membership Meeting immediately following the Regular Membership Meeting





The application period for applications for Chairperson or Co-Chairperson for the UAW Local 276 Standing Committees will be opened to all members in good standing during the application period of July 1 – 31, 2014, with the deadline to submit your application being 4:00 PM, Thursday, July 31. Information about the Standing Committees can be found in Article 44 of the International Union, UAW, Constitution. Be sure to watch for the official Notice for Applications that will be posted in the Union Bulletin Boards throughout the plant. As part of the application procedure and in addition to the applications that must be submitted, interviews for the Chairperson and Co-Chairperson will be conducted prior to the August 2014 Executive Board Meeting (the date for interviews will be noted on the official Notice for Applications). Subsequently, at the August Executive Board Meeting, the Chairpersons and Co-Chairpersons of the Standing Committees will be appointed by the UAW Local 276 Executive Board subject to the approval of the UAW Local 276 Membership at the 2:00 PM August 10, 2014, Regular General Membership Meeting, per Article 10, Section 1 (m) of the UAW Local 276 Bylaws.





Temporarily, starting in August, the Union Hall will be open two (2) days per week at 6:00 AM on Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate our 3rd Shift members.



At the Key 4 meeting held last week, demands for a Unit 1 (GM) overtime plan were given to General Motors Arlington Plant Management by the Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson. Last fall, the membership voted overwhelmingly to institute an overtime plan according to pages 233 – 243 of the National Agreement. The demand was also made to cease the forced overtime of the Skilled Trades group immediately, including the cessation of the eleven (11) hours per day work schedule and the forced weekends. Other topics covered were the overloading of jobs; a request for additional Skilled Trades workers; the reinstatement of a Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Program; and to have Temps hired to run RTR jobs that are identified in the shop.


The Unit 1 (GM) Shop Chairperson is requesting that any Unit 1 (General Motors) hourly employee who has a copy of a valid grievance that has not been settled take it to the Committee Room for investigation. We have new Committee people in place who may not have knowledge of these specific grievances.


Do you know your Weingarten rights? The Weingarten right is a right derived from the Supreme Court’s 1975 Weingarten decision where the court recognized union employees’ rights to representation at investigatory interviews. The National Labor Relations Board now takes the opposite position and holds that the right to representation at investigatory interviews applies equally to union and non-union employees.

Weingarten rights include the right to have a coworker present at an investigatory interview that the employee reasonably believes might result in discipline. Weingarten rights must be invoked by an employee before an employer has any corresponding obligations. An employee must request the presence of a coworker at an investigatory interview. The portion of the relevant federal statute provides that:




An exclusive representative of an appropriate unit in an agency shall be given the opportunity to be represented at -





any formal discussion between one or more representatives of the agency and one or more employees in the unit or their representatives concerning any grievance or any personnel policy or practices or other general condition of employment; or





any examination of an employee in the unit by a representative of the agency in connection with an investigation if -





Temporarily, starting in August, the Union Hall will be open two (2) days per week at 6:00 AM on Tuesday and Thursday to accommodate our 3rd Shift members.



There are no Saturdays scheduled in April as of now.


The issue has arisen again about the parking of non-GM vehicles in the Arlington parking lot. Please, watch the monitors about information on where to park non-GM vehicles. The non-GM vehicles need to park in the designated spots, and GM vehicles may park anywhere.


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